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Welcome to my Homepage

Everything you want to know about Gordon Manson/Golf Professional you will find on this website. Well, almost everything!

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Medical Exemption to play the STAYSURE TOUR 2018

The Players Committee looked at my problem and were good enough to grant me what is called a "Medical Exemption"

As i could not play in 2017 and therefore was unable to earn a playing category for the 2018 season. Thankyou !

What was known as the European Senior Tour is now known as the STAYSURE Tour.Same idea but with a title sponsor.

After my problems in 2017 that stopped me from playing golf i am pleased to say things are looking  better.

Hoping to play the first event for me in Denmark at the beginning of June and then the Italian event near to home in Udine. I have 3 months to get my game to where i want it to be.

We will see if i can set the energy free that i need to get back to a really competitive level.

"smash the grass"


Unfortunately i am unable to play the Tour this year 2017. After the US Senior PGA the problem of an acute dermatitis/psoriasis on the palms of my hands makes it impossible to practise and play. This has been a problem since June 2016. I have of course sought professional help but it is not easy to treat. The friction and pressure on the hands created when practising and playing is not helpful at all. It can really flare up when practising for any length of time.

Think of my poor wife , she has me at home far more than expected.

Sorry darling !!!

"smash the grass"


The 2016 season was pretty good ,as i was able to win in Wales in a Playoff against Woosnam and Wolstenholme.

Further good results in Woburn 4th and Italy 5th capped a pretty steady year.I had a couple of injury worries, in my lower back and a dermatitis/psoriasis on the palms of my hands.

The 2015 European Seniors Tour finished in Mauritius with the MCB Tour Championship

Without doubt 2015 was my best year on the EST ! Winning in Switzerland / Bad Ragaz. Losing in a play off to Paul Broadhurst at Archerfield in Scotland when i was sure the title was mine !! Second in the British Seniors PGA at Close House / North England.

Gordon + Caddy Dan

My final position of 4th on the Order of Merit is something i am very proud to have achieved.

This allows me the to play in the US Seniors in Ohio in August. Six players from Europe are invited. That is the "Big Time"

Two other Senior Majors, the Senior Open in Carnoustie in July and the US Seniors PGA in Chicago in May.

How did it happen ? I was a little better on the greens , short game improved and after Close House, i really believed i was ready to win.

That little bit extra self belief enabled me to cross the winning line and join the "Winners Circle"  A great feeling, i have to admit!!

The five rounds i played, on the weekend of British Seniors, followed by the 3 days of the Swiss event were 23 under par. That helps !

The next step for me is to play to my potential in the 3 Majors i play this year. I want to feel as comfortable in these events as i do in a regular tour tournament.

You can follow my play this year on the EST "Live Scoring" i know a lot of people do. I can promise you one thing, the bogeys are not on purpose!!

Click on the "Senior Tour Logo" above for easy use.

The picture above is of me with my caddy Daniel,when we won in Switzerland last year. I am the little guy on the left with my weedy 6ft 2in + 100 Kilos ! That`s why he is called "Big Dan"

Swiss 2015 4.jpg

Final putt holed in Bad Ragaz ! Congratulated by playing partner "Gorgeous" Phil Golding.

"smash the grass"


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