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Starting and Getting to the Course


Gordon + Caddy

A golfer will invest in his or her golf.

Equipment , membership of a golf club , green fees , golf holiday usw.

All these things make more fun when you have a good basis to your golf game.


The Playing License/ Platzreife, that is what everyone wants.

Platzreife literally translated means you are ripe for the golfcourse !

This is a license to go to the course, you have learned the basics of golf to a level where you are not a danger to yourself or others.

So what are you looking to achieve in the time you invest for the Playing License.

What should you have when you first step onto the golf course?

1. A good understanding of Golf Etikette.

This means safety for yourself and other player players.

Courtesy for other players

Respect for the golf course

2. A basis of the rules, for the situations that happen regularly while playing

3. Good basics in the preparation and execution of Putting, Short game , Bunker Play and Long Game.

To develop a deeper understanding of the rules of golf , it takes time

To develop consistency in hitting the ball with the middle of the club face , that takes, how long depnds on your talent and how much time you invest in practise.

Start close to the hole

When i teach someone to play golf we begin close to the hole and then work back towards the longer shots. Lots of putting and short shots to begin with, to get a feel for hitting the ball in the middle of the clubface.


The Golf Course does not develop your technique.

Playing Golf happens on the golf course. The challenge is that every shot is different, from the lie of the ball, to the stance. The mental and physical demands of playing the course has a negative effect on your technique.


On the practise ground you get "swing time"

Practising your game on the Driving Range for an hour gives you more "swing time" as when you play 18 holes. For 18 holes, you could be out there for 5 hours, but it is mostly walking, not "swing time"


Lots of Short game

Short game , putting and chipping is where the score is made.Practise this a lot. Develop solid fundamentals and practise a lot for feel of distance control.


Pitching , Pitching , Pitching.

Practise the full swing with a wedge or 9 iron.

Why? Because you are not tempted to try for distance. The technique is the same for all your other clubs. You develop balance, and rhythm, and a feel for hitting the middle of the clubface.

Your driver profits from your time invested in Pitching!


What is the time frame for learning golf.

Good question!

When people say to me "i have played for one year"  it may sound like a long time. And you can develop a lot in that time. For golf it is really still at the beginning.

If you want to get your Playing License/Platzreife, ask these questions.

How large is the group?

How many days?

Who is the Professional , what is his experience? Is he a Qualified Professional or Trainee

Good Start , Good Basics , Good Golf !

"smash the grass"

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