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Golf Philosophy


Here you will find my opinion about teaching, learning, and playing golf.

Lets call it my Golf Philosophy.


Lets start with  "Keep it simple , do it , thats how it gets done"

I have played and taught golf for many years and have often been asked and have helped people to understand "what is the most important part of  learning and playing golf"

You have to have good solid basics to your game , the ABC must be correct.    POSTURE, GRIP , AIMING !!

Get these right , understand why they are important, work diligently on them, practise regularly, and you have a very good chance of developing into a good golfer.

It does not come easy, there are no short cuts , success is not immediate, but stick at it and you have something great for life.

The practise area is where you develop your ability to find the middle of the clubface consistently. When you have that you can start to control the distance tha ball travels.

Find a Golf Professional who you respect , enjoying working with and let him or her guide you

"Good golf is when you have control of the ball , bad golf is when you do not have control of the ball" sounds simple !

In an hour on the practise area you can hit 60-80 shots. You need 5 hours on the course to do this.

Learn and practise "Good Basics" on the practise area and "Play the game on the course" The better your basics are in preparation for the shot and when you swing the more fun you will have. Plus your development will continue the more you work on your game.

"Practise makes permanent , not perfect" Make good preparation and inswing basics permanent.

Having played Professional Golf for 40 years , when i practise i always check my basics in preparing to swing.

"Posture , Grip , Aiming"

Socially there is no greater game. Where else can people of varying ability play together. I agree sometimes a good dose of patience is necessary.

A round of golf with friends and then a few drinks with friends,sounds good.

"smash the grass"

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